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Safety: What The Vikings Should Do This Offseason

Posted on February 13, 2011 at 1:17 PM Comments comments (0)


Sooner or later, this Sooner should join the Vikings


Tom Brady threw four interceptions in the whole regular season. It should have been five. When the Vikings played the Patriots last season, Brady threw an ill advised throw to WR Brandon Tate. Only Brett Favre throws a bullet to a receiver when a safety is right in front of him. The safety was Madieu Williams. Madieu Williams couldn't intercept the ball even though 99% of the defensive backs in the league could. So he at least batted the pass down, right? Nope, Williams dove and somehow didn't even tough the ball. Brandon Tate caught the pass for a huge gain. I remember Chris Collinsworth exclaiming in disbelief that it was practically impossible for Williams to not at least knock down the pass. If that pass was picked and Asher Allen makes an easy tackle on that 5th grader who ran onto the field, oops Danny Woodhead, the Vikings would have won that game.


Safety is one of the Viking's biggest needs this offseason. We can't compete in a pass happy division without competent safeties. Madieu Williams is a great person, he won the Walter Payton Man of the Year award this year, but he's not a good football player. As much as I hate to say it, Williasm should be released and he needs a change of scenery anyways. Now of the two open slots, I think Hussain Abdullah played ok last season and the Vikings should resign him as it's hard enough to replace one safety spot let alone two. I would give him a 3 year, 9 million dollar deal. Now for the other safety spot, here's my plan:


With our second round draft pick I suggest we pick the following players. Basically I would want the 1st player the most but if he's not available I want the Vikings to pick the 2nd guy and so on.


1. Ryan Mallet (He may not be the most mobile QB but he as a ton of value to get for the Viking's 2nd round pick. I'm still kind of afraid that he'll get slaughtered behind the Viking's O-line)

2. Quinton Carter

3. Aaron Williams

4. Best available CB, S, O-Lineman, DE, DT, TE, or WR


I personally don't think Mallet will fall this far but you never know - see Clausen, Jimmy. Now I'm really high on Quinton Carter. The guy can hit hard and he can make plays. Carter had 96 tackles and 4 interceptions last season. I think he can be a day one starter and could make the Pro Bowl in the near future. Remember, last year I wanted the Vikings to draft Devin McCourty. Look how that ended up, MCourty had 7 interceptions in his rookie year and made the Pro Bowl for a 14-2 Patriots squad. I think Carter could have a similar impact.


There's always the situation in which the Viking's don't draft a safety at all. If that's the case Antoine Winfield should be moved to safety and Chris Cook should start alongside Cedric Griffin.


With a secondary featuring a healthy Chris Cook, a healthy Cedric Griffin, Antoine Winfield, Quinton Carter and Hussain Abdullah the Viking's pass defense could be ... gasp... formidable.


- Coolio





What Griffin's Return Means for the Vikings

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He's Coming Back


What's the key to the Vikings success next year on the defensive end? Is it a bounceback season for Jared Allen or Kevin Williams? Could it be Chad Greenway making more plays? How about some NFL caliber safeties? No, the key to the Vikings 2011 defense is Cedric Griffin's return.


Cedric Griffin tore his right ACL on the overtime kickoff against New Orleans in the NFC Championship Game next season. He recovered fully and quickly in the offseason and returned to the Vikings a quarter of the way through the 2010 season. He promptly tore the ACL in his left knee against the New York Jets in Week 5. Griffin, not Antoine Winfield, is the Viking's best CB. The guy has playmaking abilities, is a great tackler, and he hits hard. He can run with any receiver in the National Football League. On a 1 to 10 scale with 1 being a horrible CB and 10 being Darrelle Revis/ Nnamdi Asomugha, I'd give Griffin a  7.5. You may not think that number is that great but consider Griffin will only get better as he recovers from surgery and as he enters his prime. Also consider on the aforementioned scale that Asher Allen, Griffin's replacement, is a -4. If Griffin's season is a BOOM than the Vikings season is a BOOM. If Griffin's season is a BUST then the Viking's season is a BUST. ( I'm sorry that I just took Vikings hater and Foxsports writer Adam Schein's BOOM/BUST theme. But he hates the Vikings so I don't give a crap)


You're probably shaking your head right now thinking that I'm stupid and that Griffin isn't that good. Well here's my thoughtful rebuttal. You're WRONG! Even if you don't think Griffin's that good, he's replacing Asher Allen. The chain effect is that Asher Allen, Lito Sheppard, and Frank Walker don't get as much playing time. This means Cedric Griffin, Antoine Winfield, and Chris Cook (Who was also injured) get more playing time. This means our secondary is a lot better. If our secondary is better then Jared Allen and Kevin Williams can wreck havoc with the extra few seconds they have to sack the QB. It also means that we can take more risks such as blitzing Chad Greenway and E.J. Henderson. All in all, our defense will be better.


One of the reasons the Vikings went 1-5 in division games last season is because the divisions young QBs obliterated us in the passing game. Expect Jay Cutler, Matthew Stafford, and Aaron Rodgers to have to take a couple more reads before they throw the ball next season. Like I said before, our pass rush will meet them. If there is one flaw that Aaron Rodgers has, it's holding on to the ball too long. Look for the Viking's D-line to terrorize the Packers especially.


Listen, I understand that we have no clue to how much the ACL tears have affected Cedric Griffin. While the possibility of him coming back at full strength is the one I wrote about in this article, there is the same chance that he will never be the player he once was. Griffin looked pretty good last season in his limited playing time. We better hope he returns full strength becuase, off the top of my head, we play Drew Brees, Aaron Rodgers (twice), Jay Cutler (twice), Matthew Stafford (twice), Matt Ryan, and Phillip Rivers next year. For the Vikings to return to their dominant defensive ways, Griffin must come back and have a Comeback Player of the Year caliber season.

- Coolio

Chris Carter is Rejected By the Hall of Fame (Again)

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"All he does is catch touchdowns"

- ESPN Analyst Chris Berman


Chris Carter is becoming the Bert Blyleven of the NFL Hall of Fame. Funny how both of those athletes played for Minnesota teams, huh? Bert Blyleven was a tremendous pitcher for the Minnesota Twins who won 287 games and was 5th all time in strikeouts. Blyleven appeared on the MLB Hall of Fame ballot in 1998 for the first time. His name was there again in 1999, 2000, 2001, and so on until he was finally elected in 2011. It was ridiculous how a pitcher as good as Blyleven had to wait 13 years to receive the greatest honor in baseball. The thing is, you can name a lot of pitchers who were better than Blyleven. Greg Maddux, Sandy Koufax, and Nolan Ryan are just a few of the many starting pitchers you can argue were better than Blyleven. Thus, if you tried hard enough, you could make a case for why Blyleven had to wait so long. However, Chris Carter's wait to enter the Hall is just a mystery.


It's absolutely criminal that Chris Carter has had to wait 4 years and counting to become a Hall of Famer. Why?

Because, at least in my opinion, he is the third or fourth best reciever ever. He is 4th all time in touchdown receptions (130) and nobody in the NFL right now has a chance of moving him down that list. The guy created the 'get your feet a fraction of a centimeter from the sideline and fall out of bounds' catch. The NFL Network ran a top ten series on who had the best hands in NFL history. Chris Carter was number one. He was possibly the best receiver in NFL history at catching balls one-handed. Where would Randy Moss be without Chris Carter mentoring him in his first few years in Minnesota? He holds more NFL records than I could list on this page. But that's not a Hall of Famer.


Let's look at a wide receiver who is actually in the Hall of Fame, Michael Irvin. Irvin was a great wide receiver and deserves his spot in the Hall of Fame but how does he compare to a non-Hall of Famer like Chris Carter?


Chris Carter

Receptions-  1,101

Yards-  13,899

Touchdowns- 130


Michael Irvin

Receptions-  750

Yards- 11,904

Touchdowns- 65


So Carter, who Hall of Fame voters agree doesn't deserve a spot in Canton, has double the amount of touchdowns, almost 2,000 more receiving yards, and 351 more receptions than Irvin who has a spot in Canton. Oh yeah, Irvin caught passes from a Hall of Fame QB in Troy Aikman but Carter caught passes from over 10 different QBs. So what makes Irvin a Hall of Famer and not Chris Carter? Irvin has 3 Super Bowl rings and Carter has a grand total of 0. But how is that Carter's fault? Is it his fault that he was never surrounded with better teammates? Is it his fault that the one year he was, 1998, that Gary Anderson missed the game winning field goal? No, Carter gave it his all despite playoff disappointments and bad years by the team. He didn't go all Randy Moss and act like a diva. He ignored distractions and became the best receiver to ever wear purple and yellow.


In fact, Chris Carter is one of the best receivers to ever play in the NFL but the Hall of Fame voters are too blind to see it.

 - Coolio

Linebacker: What The Vikings Should Do This Offseason

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We need more of this


The Vikings defense needed a bit of toughness last season. Especially the linebackers. They seemed to take the punch from opposing offenses and not retaliate. The Vikings linebackers, besides E.J. Henderson and his titanium leg, ddin't make plays last year. Enter Mike Singletary. The Bear's Hall of Fame linebacker's rash style and willingness to get into his players' faces was exactly what the Viking's coaching staff needed. I think he is the perfect complement to Leslie Frazier's laid back style. He's going to add a mean streak to our linebackers which can only be a good thing for the Viking's defense. Unfortunately for Singletary, we don't even know who the Vikings linebackers will be in 2010. Let's look at the Vikings situation at linebacker.


Chad Greenway and Ben Leber, the Viking's two starting OLBs last season are free agents. Leber is getting up there in age and should be let go in my opinion. Greenway on the other hand will be given a monster contract by someone this offseason, hopefully the Vikings. Greenway led the NFC in tackles last season and is becoming one of the top 4-3 outside linebackers in the NFL. Here's the contract I'd offer Greenway and why:


Contract: 5 years, 54 million

Guaranteed Money: 35 million

2011: 9 million

2012: 9 million

2013: 11 million

2014: 12 million

2015: 13 million


The franchise tag for linebackers last year sat at $9,680,000. Now the franchise tag amount is the average of the salaries of the 5 biggest contracts given to linebackers around the league. Greenway isn't quite top 5 yet but he will be eventually. Almost 11 million a year seems right.


Now we need someone to replace Ben Leber. I think the Vikings should draft UCLA's top linebacker, Akeem Ayers, in the first round. The guy is just a playmaker, something the Viking's defense really needs. The Viking's defense forced only 13 fumbles, 2 of which by wide receiver Greg Camarillo, and only intercepted 15 passes. They're sack totals dropped from 48 last year to 31 this year. Now I fully expect the Vikings defense to make more plays next season as Cedric Griffin will come back from injury and I think Jared Allen and Kevin Williams will have bounceback seasons. Nevertheless, the Viking's could use one more playmaker. Ayers hits hard, can drop back in coverage, and can rush the passer. He just a great talent and he'd fit well in the Viking's 4-3 Tampa 2 defense.


Now you can just add in Jasper Brinkley, Erin Henderson, and Heath Farwell for depth and you have the Vikings new and improved linebacking core.


Now one more thing before I end this blog post, the Viking's organization is extremely high on Jasper Brinkley and believe he can be a stud in the NFL. If there is anyone who can develop Brinkley, it's Mike Singletary. It looks like the Viking's linebackers have a pretty bright future.


- Coolio

Running Back/Fullback: What the Vikings Should Do This Offseason

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If you can't beat them, join them.


I'm going to write one of these articles for every position on the Vikings. This one is about the halfbacks and fullbacks.


Let's start with running back. Well, Adrian Peterson is Adrian Peterson. He's the best running back in the league. Who's better? Arian Foster may have had a great year but that was because teams didn't gameplan to stop him, at least not until midseason, and because teams couldn't stack 8 in the box against him because they had to double cover Andre Johnson. Chris Johnson is way too feast and famine. He had two games this season in which he rushed for under 20 yards. The guy has a good offensive line, don't show me how many times he was stuffed in the backfield because that's because he dances around back there like he's Barry Sanders. So now that we've got that out of the way, let's get to Peterson's contract extension.


Putting the franchise tag on a player gives them the salary of the top five highest paid players at the position averaged out. Putting the franchise tag on running backs this year would mean shelling out $8,156,000. Due to raising market value and Peterson's talent level, I would give him 10 million a year. Now we have to decide how long the contract will be. When (if) the NFL season starts next year, Peterson will be 26 years old. Running backs usually drop off in production at age 30 but Peterson is a physical freak. I'd extend him till he's 31 with a five year deal. Here's how I'd structure it.


Contract : 5 years, 52 million

Guaranteed : 40 million

2010 : 8 million

2011: 9 million

2012: 10 million

2013: 12 million

2014: 13 million


Now as for depth, we already have Toby Gerhart and Albert Young. Gerhart was disappointing as it seemed that Peterson passed the fumbling bug to him. He had 3 fumbles in limited touches. Albery Young is your typical 3rd string running back. Really the Vikings don't need to sign any free agents or draft any players for the position. One guy I'd like the Vikings to check out is Vai Taua, the starting running back for Nevada this past season. He is a powerful, bruising back that people figure will go undrafted. He would be a low risk, high reward pick up in the 7th round or as an undrafted free agent.


Now let's get tot the full backs. Peterson has said before that he prefers to run without a fullback. This could be because he really doesn't like to run with fullbacks or because the only fullback he's ever known is the inept Naufahu Tahi. Tahi's role in the offense is so miniscule, the Viking's might as well release him. In fact, there are three players that I think are no-brainers for the Vikings to release: Bernard Berrian, Madieu Williams, and Naufahu Tahi. Everson Griffen could join that list too after his misadventures in Hollywood this past week. Now who can replace Tahi's production? My grandmother could but she's too old to play in the NFL so the Vikings might have to go with Jeff Dugan or a free agent. The Texan's Vonta Leach and the Raven's Le'Ron McClain will probably prove to be too expensive for the Viking's tastes but the Packer's John Kuhn could fit in quite well. Just in case you didn't know, people in Wisconsin are so stupid, they root for the Green Bay Packers. So don't give them more credit than they deserve when you hear them booing their own team on occasions. They are actually screaming KUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUHN!!!!! Now imagine Viking's fans chanting KUUUUUUUUUUUHN in the NFL's loudest stadium, the Metrodome.


8 months later...........


Vikings Stadium Collapses

 Minneapolis, Minnesota


The Minnesota Vikings were playing a home game against the Detroit Lions when John Kuhn took the field. Whenever the former Green Bay RB appears on the field, fans chant KUUUUUHN!!!! Unfortunately, the powerful sonic waves created by the chant made the Metrodome roof collapse for the 2nd time in a year. Luckily, nobody was seriously injured. Later Vikings DE, Everson Griffen, was heard screaming " HELL YEAH, WE'RE GOING TO L.A. BABY!".


We really need a stadium..................


- Coolio





Offensive Line: What the Vikings Should Do This Offseason

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I'm going to be writing one of these articles for every position on the Vikings. Today I'm going to blog about the O-line.



There is one thing I hate to see as a Vikings fan. It's the most frustrating play I've ever seen and it happens so often, it makes me want to pull my hair out. What is that play? You know the one where Adrian Peterson gets the ball and then runs into a wall a nanosecond later. The Vikings offensive line is truly wasting Peterson's talents. It needs to be fixed. Every position on the line played horrible last season. Of course there are different reasons for that. Steve Hutchinson is getting old and was injured. Sullivan was injured and, let's face it, has as much talent as Cam Newton has intelligence. Bryant McKinnie is just fat. The right guard rotation doesn't have a keeper and Phil Loadholt is way too penalty prone. Add in how inept Visanthe Shaincoe is at blocking and you have an offensive line that is going to get manhandled in every NFC North game. Here's how we're going to fix it.



1. Center - John Sullivan would be a quality starting center in the UFL. But this the NFL and Sullivan's inadequate size and run blocking just won't cut it. To fix our problem at center we will have to go to free agency. The Viking's new offensive line coach, Jeff Davidson, used to be the offensive line coach for the Carolina Panthers. While the Panthers had a dismal season, their team had a couple bright spots including the development of stud center Ryan Kalil. Unfortunately for the Panthers, he's a free agent. Minnesota going to have to hand over some cash for Kalil to wear purple and gold next season but it will be worth it. The guy is well on his way to being the best center in the league. I think Kalil is the only major free agent who has a great chance of signing with the Vikings. Hopefully he follows the coach who developed him to Minnesota.



2. Left Tackle - Bryant McKinnie is a waste of talent. A really fat waste of talent. The guy doesn't care about the team and can't stay in shape. Regardless, the Vikings with have to keep him because



A. No one wants him





B. He actually has some value to the team, just not at left tackle.



I just wrote an article suggesting that the Vikings should draft offensive lineman early but I'm going to contradict myself here. I have become particularly enamored with a few players that are not offensive lineman at the 12th pick. Anyways, I don't think any of the offensive lineman in this draft class are worthy of such a high pick. I think we should once again go to free agency. The top two tackles in this free agent class, in my opinion, are Doug Free and Tyson Clabo. I think Doug Free is the better of the two but Tyson Clabo will cost a lot less. That's not because Free is that much better than Clabo but rather because Free is, as of now, a Dallas Cowboy. The owner of the Dallas Cowboys is Jerry Jones. Jerry Jones throws his money around like he's playing Monopoly. Jerry Jones is going to overpay for Doug Free and that's why I want Clabo.



Note - Ryan Kalil and Tyson Clabo are the only major free agents I have the Vikings signing in my offseason plan so I don't think I'm being unrealistic.



3. Right Tackle - Now for the big question: What do we do with Bryant McKinnie? People might notice he's missing.... Maybe we could just hide him in a closet in the Vikings training facility? Here's a better idea, we can just send him over to the McDonalds in Eden Prairie! He'll never leave! He can eat to his hearts content! Oh wait, he already does that.......



In all seriousness, I think we should move McKinnie to Right Tackle. the switch would allow McKinnie to faceoff against worse defensive ends and the switch would hide some of his flaws. Bryant McKInnie could have some use! By the way, McKinnie has hired a personal trainer to make sure he stays in shape! How much do you want to bet that Frazier hired the guy?



4. Right Guard - This is where Phil Loadholt comes in. The guy has talent. He just seems incapable, at least for now, of handling speedy defensive ends. If a DE gets behind him he'll resort to grabbing the facemask or holding the opposing player. Loadholt is 6-8 and weighs 343 pounds. He could easily slide over to the right guard position. With his massive size, Loadholt could be a great right guard for the Vikings.



5. Left Guard - This is the only position on the line that is staying intact. I want Hutchinson to start, at least for one more season. Yes he's getting up there in age but the guy is a first ballot Hall of Famer and can teach guys like Chris DeGeare a lot. Despite having a down season, he was still our best offensive lineman. He was injured last season too. Let's see what he can do once he's healthy again.



6. Depth - Ryan Cook can play every position on the offensive line if need be. He has to stay. Add in Chris DeGeare and a 4th or 5th round draft pick and you have your new and improved 2011 Vikings offensive line!


- Coolio

Say No To Vince Young

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Alright, I don't absolutely hate Vince Young. I don't love him either. My attitude towards the guy is completely unbiased. In fact, I want Vince Young to succeed at the quarterback position somewhere in the NFL. He just has one big if and it's like the elephant in the room to all NFL teams. His attitude. That's why I want him nowhere near the Minnesota Vikings.


The Vikings recently added Craig Johnson, the Titan's former running back and quarterback coach, to their coaching staff. I'm really excited about what he would bring to the team as the Viking's QB coach. He has developed Steve McNair into a MVP caliber QB and Vince Young into a starting caliber one. If there is anyone who knows how to get the most out of Vince Young it's Craig Johnson. When asked in an interview with the Tennessean about the possibility of Young joining him on the Vikings, here's what he had to say:


"I know that question is going to be coming. So my answer is going to be this: I do have a relationship with Vince, a long relationship with him. But the head coach and ownership and the offensive coordinator of the Minnesota Vikings — they're the ones that are going to make the decision. The assistant coaches coach,'' Johnson said.


"I am sure they'll do due diligence on Vince, and every quarterback that is going to be available on the market is going to be discussed. I know it is going to be discussed, and I'll put my two cents worth on him because obviously I have more of a relationship with him that most. And then whatever decision is going to be made will be made. Obviously I have a good working relationship with Vince, and he produced pretty well under me.'


What should we make of this statement? I think it's Johnson just saying that he likes working with Young but he has moved on. Also, I doubt Leslie Frazier will tolerate Young being on the team unless he turns over a new leaf which is not going to happen. Thank god Tony Dungy mentored Frazier, if not Young might actually be a possibility for this team. We don't need anymore drama, especially after last season. The soap opera left with Brett Favre, we don't need it to come back with Vince Young. 


Now one more random thought to wrap this post up - I don't think Johnson took this job thinking he would get to coach Vince Young. I think he took it because he wanted to coach Joe Webb. Yeah I know what your thinking - Just another idiotic blogger. Why would a coach come to a team to coach the 199th pick of the 2010 NFL draft who wasn't even drafted to be a QB? Well ha! I do have a reason! Johnson has coached Steve McNair and Vince Young. What do they both have in common? They're extremely athletic QBs and they both have cannons for arms. That sounds a lot like a certain quarterback who plays for the Vikings........................................................

What, you can't guess?! We only have like one freakin quarterback!! I think the Johnson hiring could mean Frazier has more faith in Webb than he's letting on with all this 'We need a quarterback' talk. That's why I'm extremely excited about this hire. If Johnson liked coaching Vince Young, he'll love coaching Joe Webb.


Joe Webb = Vince Young - Attitude


- Coolio


Why the Vikings Should Draft Offensive Lineman Early

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The Minnesota Vikings have a lot of holes. To be exact the Vikings are weak at the following positions: safety, quarterback, linebacker (depends on free agency), wide receiver (also depends on free agency), defensive line ( depends on free agency and the regression of Pat Williams) and finally the whole offensive line.



Of all of these weaknesses, the defensive line seems to be the easiest fix with young talents like Letroy Guion and Everson Griffen. Wide receiver can be adressed by just resigning Sidney Rice and using maybe a 4th round pick. I think resigning Rice is extremely likely which brings us to the linebacker position. Chad Greenway is in a similar position as Rice. He is a free agent after leading the NFC in tackles. Since Ben Leber is likely to leave, the linebacker position could see a massive makeover. At the same time, the Vikings can replenish the linebacker position by just resigning Greenway and promoting Erin Henderson or Heath Farwell. The Safety, Offensive Line, and Quarterback positions are a different story.



The Viking's safeties last year actually improved from 2009. This was mainly because of the efforts of Hussain Abdullah. The Viking's newest safety had 75 tackles and 3 interceptions and certainly locked himself into next seasons starting lineup. The other safety position was just scary. What two words can make any Vikings fan scream in terror? Madieu Williams. Williams is a great guy but just a bad football player. Against the Patriots this year Williams had a clear shot aat a relatively easy interception of Tom Brady. Brady only threw 4 interceptions the whole regular season so the opportunity was rare. Williams didn't intercept the ball. He didn't even knock it down. I still remember Chris Collinsworth saying in disbelief that it was impossible for a guy to not even knock down that pass. no sooner than a minute later the Patriots put 7 on the board. I can tell hundreds more gut wrenching Madieu Williams stories. Hopefully I won't hear any more, atleast of Williams in a Viking's uniform. The other prominent safety in the Viking's season was Jamarca Sanford. He deserves to stay on the roster solely because of his potential but he shouldn't start for the Vikings or any other team in the NFL as of now. Obviously the Vikings need another safety. Unfortunately, the highest rated safety in this years draft is UCLA's Rahim Moore. Now there's nothing wrong with Rahim Moore but he is at best a 2nd round prospect. The Viking's probably can't adequately fill their void at safety through the draft.



Now we are left with Offensive Lineman and QBs. Look at this.



QB Depends On - RB, WR, and OL



RB Depends On - QB, OL



WR Depend On - QB



OL Depends On - no-one



Everyone directly or indirectly depends on the offensive line to do their job. You may think the Vikings QBs are bad but Joe Webb would look a lot better with time to throw than running around like he's in a pinball machine. By the way I'm sold on Joe Webb as the starting QB for next season. I really think he can be successville with an offseason to prepare, Sidney Rice (He didn't play against the Lions and played only a half against the Eagles), and something that resembles an NFL offensive line. Now what you've all been waiting for ........................



I don't just have an idea, I also have specifics. There are many O-Lineman in next years draft. Justin Tryon, Nate Solder, Mike Pouncey and Gabe Carimi to name a few. On the other hand, none of these players project to be taken with the 12th pick of the draft. Thus I think the Vikings should trade down and aquire a low 1st rounder and a high 2nd rounder. If we can get 2 of the aforementioned guys with those picks, our O-line will look good for years to come and probably the team too.


 - Coolio




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Ted Mondale has been named to lead the Metropolitan Sports Facilities Commision. He states it may be an impossible task to build a new stadium! But if it's gonna get done, this is the year to do. I know all us fans want the Vikings to remain in Minnesota, as do a handfull of state representatives. The Governor said "he wants the team to get a new stadium" but he will not cross his values to get it done. Hhmmm his values??? I thought it was in his best interest *values* to bring money into the state and try to relieve some of the 6.2 billion dollar deficit that the state of Minnesota is in which immediately bring to mind the old * TAKES MONEY TO MAKE MONEY*. Yes a stadium is very expensive and there are *numerous* avenues from which the money can come to get such a costly project approved by all involved. That's something that can be worked out if everyone would open their minds and put aside their own personal *i dont want to be one of the reasons for the deficit*. These stadium constuction projects bring so many jobs to people who are suffering from the lack of work at this time, and to the companys selling the supplies that it takes to build one of these structures. That money will recirculate back into the economy to help the entire state of Minnesota begin the road to revovery. No it's not going to happen over night! Nothing does. But it's a damn good place to start! The fact is it's going to bring money from all over the United States into the Minnesota economy! OK, enough of that... I know Mondale is going to push for an indoor stadium, and that's the only thing the governor is going to support. So what is your personal prefrence for a Viking stadium, indoor or outdoor?? I just touched on a couple things regarding the stadium but it's probably our last chance at getting one built, so i thought i would throw in my two cents.



Peterson's Lovin' It

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Some stars have been accused of animal abuse, domestic violence, and sexual harassment. Thankfully, Adrian Peterson doesn't do anything like that. Instead Peterson gets speeding tickets and gets McDonald's employees fired.


Peterson went through the McDonalds drive-thru around 3 A.M. a couple of days ago. Now being an NFL player Peterson is expected to eat healthy. Good news, he didn't come for a Big Mac. Bad news, the employee, Tiffany Langeslay, was fired more letting Peterson enter the restaruant to go to the bathroom.


Here are three things I wondered when reading this story -


1. Why is Peterson always doing something illegal or controversial after midnight?


2. Why is Peterson going to McDonalds on foot?


3.Langeslay said this about the situation - "I never thought in a million years that decision was going to cost me my career," . Your career is delivering burgers and filling sodas, can't you find work at Burger King or something? I mean she eventually got rehired but how can you complain about getting fired if you broke the rules?


- Coolio